Balance Water Systems​​

A division of Tyler Well and Pump Inc.

This is an Acid Neutralizer and Water Softener that was installed to correct low pH, hardness, and a little bit of iron. The water is now great and is stain and corrosion free!

One of the most important details that we focus on, is working diligently to make sure first your water is safe to drink. Before any water treatment is suggested, we first do a thorough inspection of your water well to be sure that surface contaminants can't enter the well. This is one of many issues we come across during our inspections.

These are before and after pictures of a well that was not connected properly. The proper fittings were not installed to keep contaminants from entering the well. You can see large openings around the pipes that connect the well to the house. These large openings allow surface water to enter the well and introduce harmful bacteria. The well also had an unsanitary cap that was allowing insects in.

The well had to be dug up and exposed to perform the work. The system was upgraded by putting a submersible pump in the well, cutting and replacing the old piece of well casing, installing a pitless adapter to properly seal the waterline to the well casing, and a sanitary well cap was installed.

​The well is now safe!

This backwashing filter was installed for a customer that is on town water. The water had an elevated level of Chlorine that was making the water unpleasant. We installed a whole house backwashing filter with a Carbon bed to remove the chlorine. The water now tastes great and the chlorine odor is gone! Happy customer!

This system was installed to remove high levels of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Hardness. The water also had a low pH that was corroding the pipes. After resolving an unsanitary situation with the well we had the water tested by a certified lab. We looked over the chemistry and sized a system to correct all the issues with the water. No more staining, corrosion, or odors!

This is the installation of an Acid Neutralizer Filter, a Water Softener, and a UV Filter. The customer purchased a home close to the ocean where before the purchase multiple attempts were made to drill an artesian well in hopes of getting cleaner water. The wells drilled came up with brackish water and were unusable. The existing well was a shallow dug well with Coliform and Ecoli Bacteria, low pH, and Manganese. The installation of this system made the water safe for consumption and it is working great!