Balance Water Systems Water Filtration Systems And Repairs

A division of Tyler Well and Pump Inc.


Balance Water Systems is a division of Tyler Well and Pump Inc. Sam Tyler who is the general manager is a Master Water Specialist and a Certified Installer through the Water Quality Association, a State Licensed Well Contractor, and a Certified Pump Installer through the National Groundwater Association. He has served on the National Groundwater Association's Technical Advisory Committee and has been featured numerous times in Water Well Journal Magazine. He has 22 years experience drilling and constructing water wells and servicing and installing pump and water treatment systems.

Balance Water Systems specializes in well water treatment systems. If your water is causing staining or unpleasant taste and odors, we have a solution! Sam Tyler designs your treatment system not only by the chemistry of your water but also by the conditions of your well and pump system. 

These are some of the questions that should be answered before deciding on a treatment system:

  • Does your well and pump system put out enough volume and pressure for your treatment system to work properly?
  • ​Does your well have some characteristics that may cause it to create larger particulates that need to be filtered before softening?
  • Have you had your well inspected by a professional to assure there are not any serious hazards with it?
  • Have you had your water tested by a State Certified Lab to first assure that it is drinkable?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the person that is offering you a treatment system? Were they able to explain to you how your well system is constructed, what type of Aquifer your well gets water from, and why the water chemistry is the way it is?

Because of Sam Tyler's qualifications with both water treatment and water wells, you get a very comprehensive evaluation of your entire well system. You get a thorough explanation of what type of system is needed and also get a good piece of mind knowing that all the bases were covered.

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